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SEO Increases Your Chances of Success

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Ready to take your company to the next level and attain business success? Alberta SEO Services can provide you with expert web design, social media management, SEO services and much more. Get in touch today!

Entrepreneurs are plucky folks. Even with the allure of decision-making freedom, time flexibility, and all of the other perks that come with being your own boss, the statistic are not in favor of those who strike out to build their own businesses. While there are legendary stories of entrepreneurs who did not attend or finish college — or in some cases, high school — those cases are not the norm. 

It may not be prudent to entrust your tireless efforts and financial investment into just luck and a good idea. Rather, when you are just setting up your business — or it’s in its early stages — are good openings to add more tools to your toolbox. One such tool is filling your education gaps to help your company — and you — reach your full potential. 

Bringing your idea to market

The primary reason to further your education is to replace any current knowledge voids that could be detrimental to your business. For example, if you can build or repair a computer with your eyes closed but don’t know how to write a business plan or understand CRM, getting a marketing degree or adding an advanced degree in business to your bachelor’s degree might increase your ability to create a business out of your talents; thus, upping your chances of success. Remember, it’s not just about starting a business; it’s also about running one. From customer pipelines to investor or banker pitching, you will be responsible for all of it — at least for a time.

Other learning tools

If you don’t have the money or time to dedicate to getting a full-blown degree, look for other educational opportunities available to you. The Canadian government has an online learning platform for small business owners to ensure you start out on the right foot. Other organizations geared toward specific population groups — such as minorities, women, and veterans — also offer knowledge and networking resources to help you learn and grow.

Don’t overlook your area chamber of commerce, either — they are not just interested in the major employers in their respective cities. You are likely to find several small business resources there, including discounts, partnerships, networking and marketing opportunities, and opportunities for professional development.

Location, location, location

Before you even begin to think about your physical or storefront location or your online presence and e-commerce capabilities, you need to back up and consider what city and state you should start your business. Per Crowdspring, some of the best practices to start a business are simply more “friendly” when it comes to things like accessible financing, average growth, and labor costs. Also think about how easy it will be to attract qualified help: What is the cost of living in that city? What would your average employee have to earn to be able to afford rent? Are there any transportation issues?

You’ll also want to consider the current available workforce. If your job openings require a college degree, locating your business in a college town may be another important and valuable consideration. This also creates avenues for college internships, which can help you with free or low-cost workers while training them your way for possible future employment.

Explore existing tools

Your workforce doesn’t need to be in-house, of course, especially these days, and your clientele could be located anywhere. Whether you’re flying solo or leading a fleet, you’re sure to benefit from the various freelancer tools available for conducting business on the fly.

Improve customer engagement with IFTTT, improve traffic to your website via Sumo, or use Mailchimp to take your email outreach to the next level. This is the electronic age, so put technology to work in ways that will serve you well.

Your own job security

There are several factors that determine small business success. If you are an industry SEO expert and have done your market research, you have important building blocks. However, there are so many other things that could happen that are out of your control — consider the pandemic, for one, or a well-funded competitor who moves into your city and cuts into your market share. Having a solid education puts you on better footing to stay strong when hiccups come your way. 

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Article: Gloria Martinez

Reliable SEO Services Company in Calgary

reliable seo provider CalgaryLooking for the most reliable SEO Services Company in Calgary?

You will want to hire the best SEO company not only in Calgary, but in Western Canada for that matter because the rules of SEO are always changing. You need to hire an expert at optimizing your website and building proper backlinks so that your page rank will rise and not get slapped with any SEO penalties. You need to be in touch with someone who understands how search engines think, how they work, and how they change their algorithms each year.

Yes, as scary as it seems to most business owners in Calgary, the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) are always changing. What that means for most companies trying to compete with other companies in the same market is frustrating to say the least. It is becomingly increasingly more difficult to beat local competition for the same keywords in any given city such as Calgary, Red Deer, Vancouver, or Toronto.

Web Optimization is a tricky business even for the most experienced SEO consultants in Calgary. You definitely don’t want to risk the penalization of your website by Google or other major search engines. Knowing what type of content to publish and promote on your website is daunting in itself.

It can be expensive when thinking about hiring someone in house in order to develop articles and post quality content on a daily basis. In this case it may be better to hire a reliable and affordable SEO company in Calgary or in your local area. You need to partner with a company who is experienced at web development and SEO and also knows what it takes to get your website to the top search engine positions (SERP) on Google, for instance.

The Importance of Quality Writing

Don’t risk writing low quality articles for your website. It will come back to haunt you down the road. Google is always looking for ways to help businesses, believe it or now. They want to promote your company by suggesting easy ways to beat out local companies who are competition for the same market.

How do we beat out local competition? Well, as suggested it is fairly easy. One major factor here to remember is quality over quantity. When it be article writing or link building, quality is always ahead of quantity each and every time.

Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks leading to your website will get your website indexed higher! It is not the amount of articles that a digital marketing specialist will write for you, it is how well the article is worded along with inclusion of your keywords throughout.

Following the correct procedure for writing quality SEO articles is an art. Link building is another important factor that will get your site to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). But think in terms of quality backlinks building on Web 2.0 site, web directories and social networking channels in related markets only.

What is the Goal to Quality Link Building?

The goal to quality link building is simple in that the user sets out to achieve higher search engine ranking and to drive targeted traffic to your website or business page.

Link building methods consist of creating great content that will get shared on other top ranking sites so that your site will gain more popularity and thus receive more website traffic and leads in the process. Also, getting your site indexed on high PR web directories are a must for getting extra indexing points from major search engines.

Low Cost SEO Services in Calgary

If you are searching for low cost SEO Services in Calgary, look no further. Alberta SEO Services is an experienced SEO Agency in Calgary Alberta that have been serving Western Canadian businesses for over a decade now. From acupuncture companies to real estate companies, we have helped them all attain top rankings on Google for their market and keywords.

Benefits of Hiring A Reliable SEO Company

If you hire a reliable SEO company that will work with your team on a monthly basis, you will eventually benefit and be on the road to success and will get more website traffic, leads, and sales in the process. Don’t think low quality links from companies overseas like India. Avoid these practices like the plague! You will get penalized and maybe even de-indexed by top search engines if you choose to work with companies in India who practice low quality spam backlinks building. Stay away from these companies and think “local SEO”! What benefits will you receive from Calgary SEO Services?

Check below for a list of services that will give you the competitive edge over other companies in your market:

  1. Benefit with affordable SEO Pricing (least expensive SEO pricing in Calgary)

  2. Providing high quality Web Design and SEO services to build your target market

  3. High Ranking SEO Services will help create a solid brand identity for your company

  4. Quality SEO services will give you a competitive edge over your local competition (higher ROI)

1st Page of Google

Page one of Google for SEOTo build your brand and to gain trust on the web, you need to be ranked high in the top searches on Google!

You will need the help of a reliable SEO company to get you there. With fresh and unique content, with great interlinking, and quality backlinks, your company will get found in organic search results in a matter of weeks.

Calgary SEO Services have a proven SEO methods that have pushed most of their clients websites right to the 1st Page of Google!

Keyword Research

Finding your website’s most relevant and competitive keywords for your market, wherever that may be in Alberta.

It may seem like time consuming research to you, but not to a professional SEO consultant. You have to properly define the right words that best suit your business, and will get you found higher in search engine results.

By simply outsourcing SEO Services to our SEO Consulting Company in Calgary, you will get quality services at the best prices possible. The plan is to come up with the most accurate keywords that best suit company in order to boost your website traffic in the Calgary area.

How Do I Get Started?

Start by getting a FREE Website Audit and take it from there. Most clients sign up that very day after getting their SEO audit results back.

Check out our SEO Pricing Packages, then choose and pay for that particular SEO Subscription package. Alberta SEO Services will get the payment notification and will contact you back ASAP to speak to you about your keywords and market.

We will then start your SEO campaign usually within 24 hours of signing up! Contact us today to get started!

Quick SEO Tips For Beginners

local SEO Servics CalgaryHere are a few SEO tips that even a beginner can master as far as SEO practices on the web.

One of the most important off-page SEO practices is trust! Trust is really the most important in all online relationships. When thinking of designing a website and building associated Web 2.0 and Social Media sites, you need to be honest, open, and communicative effectively with your potential clients if you hope to build long lasting relationships. Not meeting someone in person to discuss business really requires a leap of faith on their part, after-all they are paying you, not the other way around.

One of the most difficult things to remember when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) is that making a few SEO mistakes here and there may have a huge negative impact on your search engine rankings. Always read up on new SEO trends to keep your web optimization and backlinks building processes to a minimum.


Content is King

content writing calgaryWhat you have to always bear in mind is that you must have a good, well-written and unique content that focuses on your primary keyword or keyword phrase. Searching on topics within your local Calgary area is important to getting found in your local SEO search results pages.

One of the big things to remember when writing quality content is to have engaging, informative, and fresh content that attracts visitors right from the web through organic search engine results.

The best SEO strategy is to start with researched and quality content and then to optimize your articles and blog posts by using proper SEO practices in order to build a target audience and to increase your online reputation.


Things to remember:

  • Keywords (keyword phrases, long-tail keywords)
  • Headers (meta)
  • Subtitles (use H1, H2, H3 )
  • Bullet points
  • Engaging content (posts, articles, info-graphics, videos, whiteboards sales videos)
  • Reviews (testimonials, citations)


Authority Backlinks Building

You must build a network of quality backlinks using your keyword phrase as the link. Try to get backlinks from content-related blogs on the internet in your niche.

When you do the link building, think quality not quantity. One single, good, and authoritative links can contribute a lot for your site than a dozen poor quality links.


Social Marketing and SEO

Understand the social marketing since it is a strong part of SEO. The more you get yourself know about sits like Digg, del.icio.us, Facebook, Twitter, etc., the better you will be able to compete in search. Social networking is a big part of SEO and these social backlinks are part of the overall Google algorithm since 2015.


Do Not Overdo Anchor Text

If you make all your inbound links looked same, it will look like automation which Google frowns upon. Use your URL sometimes and your company other times. For instance, put SEO Traffic Calgary occasionally, Targeted SEO Traffic as well, Affordable SEO Services some other times, etc. to mix it up and use long-tail keywords whenever you can.


Publish a blog

Writing fresh content regularly will surely help improve your rankings. Be sure to add new article and other useful website content like press releases that have relevancy to your site in the eyes of the search engines.

The more quality articles and blog posts you make on relevant related content on your site and other web 2.0 support blogs, the more you will seem like an authority and expert on any subject matter within your niche. Trying writing content that creates a great user experience (UX) and will keep them on your website.

Create great articles that visitors will want to share on top social media channels. This is a great way to build a targeted audience within your niche.


SEO is not a one-shot process

The search landscape changes daily, so keep working on it until you get the results you are expecting. It may take months, or even years, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll get it done quickly and become an SEO expert in the process.

Write content, optimize it for the search engines, create backlinks in related markets, and share on social networks. This is a great way to ensure your page rank with increase monthly!


Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

There are a few things you can do to make sure your website is search engine friendly. For instance, change your website theme to one that is robust and has SEO and Social Media plugins. On-page SEO changes will allow it to be more friendly to the search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Remember that the point of SEO lies not on what you are saying, but how you are saying it, and what you have set for determining your sites performance. Site speed when loading, mobile friendly, and error-free broken links are all factors in ranking your page.

So, be always aware of how you build the website with website optimization in mind. There are many web design checklists that would be helpful in determining what to include on your website even before you design it.

Calgary Web Design

Calgary Web Design, in the past year alone, have seen a dramatic increase in the number of websites created for clients across Canada including Calgary, Alberta.

web design servicesWith all the real estate companies in Calgary alone, it is keeping us hopping. We have seen new clients especially wanting responsive web design for mobile viewing to a large increase in eCommerce and WordPress CMS sites where customers wish to login themselves to control all aspects of their content. That makes total sense, as there is so many ways nowadays to advertise free. Why not create the content yourself, and share through social media plugins which are basically free for the download.

We develop regular clients over the years, that keep coming back for website re-design services, as well as SEO Services and Social Media Marketing.

Professional Web Designers In Calgary

First of all, we want to create a great looking site for you and your visitors.We want the site to look nice and also we want to keep the visitors on your site as long as possible. We like to pay attention to every detail including the custom logo design, slider and banner integration, web optimization to get indexed in the search engines, forms, foots, widget areas, social media connect scripts, and especially the content (articles, pictures, videos, testimonials).

We like to also test in different browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and IE. We have found that it is also important to test on a variety of devices such as iPhone, Android, and Samsung to ensure that the text is the correct size and all pictures and graphics show up right depending on the size of the device.

Showcasing Products and Services

We all know that a great looking website will keep a visitor on the site longer. He/she may share your site through word-of-mouth with friends and colleagues or click on a social media share button to share your website with their Facebook Friends. This is a great way to build up free traffic to your site and grow your audience in the process.

We want to help you build your website that will showcase your products and services and not only look good, but will generate website traffic and sales in kind. Calgary Website Design is looking forward to working with you on your next web design project and are only a phone call or email away from making it happen. We have many web design and SEO clients already in Calgary as well as throughout the rest of Alberta, as well as right out to Atlantic Canada.

Contact us at Calgary Web Design and we will answer all your questions and make some quick suggestions to help you get started.

Web Design Things To Think About

Here are just a few things to consider when planning your next website design project in Calgary, Alberta:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting
  3. How Many Pages
  4. Bio and Company Info
  5. Pictures
  6. Video
  7. Testimonials
  8. Email Addresses for Staff
  9. Do You Require a Logo?


Alberta Local SEO Services

We are one of the most affordable, local SEO Consultants in Alberta, Canada. Looking for Cheap SEO Services you say? Well then we are one of the most affordable, low cost, SEO companies in Alberta Canada.

Alberta SEO services for is in the business of web optimization (Search Engine Optimization). We are located in Alberta, Canada and have many clients locally in Alberta as well as right across Canada. We will not only build you a great looking website and that is both responsive and can be viewed in all browsers and on all mobile devices, but your site will be search engine friendly as well. Your site will most likely, in a very short period of time, with our help, get found in all major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) for your market’s hot keywords, that every other company in your line of work is competing for.


Experienced SEO Consultants

SEO optimization in Alberta We have a team of SEO and SEM professionals, that are experienced in full web development services and understand how search engines work. When we apply our SEO services to your website, it will in effect, start ranking and positioning much higher than it did before we started.

They what happens?

Well, to start off with, website traffic will pick up. Then, this is where you come in. You will start getting more website traffic than ever before, this means more leads and sales. Can you handle it though? Most companies hire an expert team of SEO professionals and then they are not prepared for the traffic ans sales afterwards.We are not kidding! I could give you specific examples of dozens of clients from Western Canada right out to Atlantic Canada where the search engine results were terrible right out of the shoot. But after only a couple of SEO campaigns, they moved from page ten to page 2. Then with another push or two, they are competing with long standing companies with years of experience right on page #1 of Google, for the same keywords / same market.


Want this kind of trouble?

Well you keep us on as your SEO web optimization team, and we will keep the juice flowing to your website.Our team at Alberta SEO Services are experienced in both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) so this means we will be part of your team, promoting your company’s brand not only to the search engines, but to social media as well.


Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing and SEO work hand in hand these days, and if you want to fully promote your brand on the web, then we can help you do both all at once with one of our Web Management Plans. Talk to us about getting started with this idea, if you would like to know more about web management or reputation management.The most often visited sites on the web are social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest. Alberta social media marketing services is here to help you launch an online social media marketing campaign to build brand loyalty as well as a larger audience to advertise to. Contact us anytime to find out how to get started.


Cost Effective SEO Services

In the mean time, choose from a variety of low cost affordable SEO plans to get started and then feel free to drop us a line (support@albertaseoservices.com) or call at any time for a free SEO consultation for your next Canadian SEO project.
seo services calgary

Get Found Locally on Google

Get Found Locally on Page #1 of Google !!

What Happens if you build a website and nobody finds it? In order to  build an effective brand on the web you need to be vigilant in staying ahead of local competition! The best advice I could give you for free is to keep writing new content, refining keywords, as well as optimizing your website and backlinks to beat your competitors.

Proper Search Engine Optimization techniques will allow your website to appear higher up in the search engine results pages (SERP) for your chosen keywords for your local niche.

Our Alberta Web Design and SEO experts will ensure that your site stays ahead of your local competition by implementing proven SEO methods which will not only increase traffic but leads and sales as well.

Looking for Web Design Services?  

Check out our full Alberta web design services including video testimonials, optimized web design, customized theme, domain name registration, web hosting, CMS login for your staff to make posts right on your website, web management, and social media marketing and connect services.

Web Management Services:

We will look after all updates to your website as well as social media accounts. Most people barely have time to run their businesses than to set aside time to add new pictures, text, and posts to their website and social media pages. That’s where we come in. For a modest fee we will take care of all this work for you.

Web Management Pricing:

$97/month for regular website management.

$194/month for regular website and social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube).

Contact us to discuss any of the above services – support@albertaseoservices.com

SEO Health Checkup (value $299) Totally FREE!

Before we start your SEO campaign we will analyze your website and give you a FREE SEO Health Checkup. This will show us your Page Rank on Google as well as what will be needed in order to rank ahead of local competition your your market’s keywords.

Send a request here to take advantage of this FREE offer along with your Name, Email, and Website URLhttp://albertaseoservices.com/contact/


Quality SEO Backlinks Building

Top Quality Authority Backlinks Are Essential for Higher Page Rank

We are well aware of Google Algorithm changes in 2014 and we adhere to their procedures and policies! As a result we only create top quality content for our clients.

Calgary SEO Services will create original articles and press releases with proper anchor text and keywords that must past strict guidelines as laid out at such sites as Ezinearticles.com, Wikihow.com, and PR.com.

Quality content in your market may ensure that you will become an authority on the subject matter in your market. Visitors will read your articles and may even want to share with their friends on Facebook and other social media channels.

 Here are a few of the tools and services we use to promote your website in 2014:

“PR9 Backlinks, .EDU Profile & Comment Backlinks, .GOV Profile & Comment Backlinks, Angela Backlinks, WIKI Backlinks, Blog Comment Backlinks, High PR Web 2.0 and Social Directories Submission, Profile Pyramid Links, Social Bookmarking, as well as Google, Yahoo and Bing Indexing Services.”

Try Our SEO Subscription Services:

Alberta SEO Services believes only in top quality authority backlinks to build a successful brand and get it indexed in top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Try reaching out to an SEO consultant in your local area and get some great SEO tips on how to build your page rank.

Try signing up for an SEO Subscription for 1 month! You have nothing to lose. There are No yearly signup fees and you can quit at any time.

We have dozens of Canadian clients from Halifax to Calgary that have been with us for many years and have maintained their Google Page #1 position and in some cases are on Page #1 of Google and in Position #1!

Check out our SEO Pricing Packages and you will see they are much lower than those of Toronto SEO companies or Vancouver SEO companies. It doesn’t mean our SEO services are cheap, they are just affordable. We like to keep prices low as we want to keep business here in Canada, and stop it from being outsourced to foreign countries like India. That is not helping our employment situation here in Canada at all.

So when hiring an SEO company to boost your website in the search engines, think local – think Canada SEO!

Our Clients Keep Coming Back!

Our SEO Methods Are Guaranteed

Alberta SEO Services have hundreds of clients that rank better each year because of proper optimization of on-page and off-page backlinks building techniques. Our methods are guaranteed to rank your website higher in major search engines including Google, and increase website traffic, leads, and sales in the process!

Better Rates

We will beat any other quotes by SEO companies in Alberta. Whether you want a One-Time SEO Boost or a Monthly SEO subscription our rates are very competitive and often lower.

Check out our SEO Pricing here: http://albertaseoservices.com/pricing/

Better Support: We provide you dedicated SEO professionals who only work on your SEO campaign until it is completed unlike other Alberta SEO Companies or foreign SEO companies who take your money and hand you a shabby report with low level backlinks. Keep in mind that Google penalizes such companies in 2014.

Better Resources and Management: We use our proprietary SEO campaign management software for better project management as well as to coordinate your articles, press releases, and authority backlinks campaigns. We treat your website and business as if it was our own. Together we can work together as a team to get solid results and beat your local competition for major keywords each month.