Please check out the various Web Management, Subscription-based SEO, and One-Time SEO Services available from Alberta SEO Services.

If you need someone to manage your website, SEO and Social Media Channels, then you are most likely looking for the Web Management Package ($197/mo.) below for all 3 services.

But if you have someone looking after your website and only need to get found high in search engine results to beat out local competition in Google, then you are going to want the BASIC SEO Package for $97/mo. below, depending on how many keywords you are going to want to compete for.

1. Website Management (Reputation Management)

This is our FULL SERVICES Reputation Management Package. We can manage your Website, SEO, and Social Media Online.


We usually charge a flat rate fee of $97/mo. for any service like SEO, Social Media, Website Maintenance but if you combine them all into one package you save 1/3.

$97 + $97 + $97 (So ONLY $197/mo.) !!!!!

What’s Included..

  1. Website Updates, Upgrades, Quick Fixes, Content
  2. SEO Services to Get Found High in Major Search Engines Like Google
  3. Social Media Channel Creation
  4. Social Media Content Updates/Sharing From Website to Social Channels)
  5. Add New Content video, pictures, testimonials, (anything you need updated)

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2.  One-Time SEO Boost

Our clients websites  are promoted thru solid SEO methods with incoming backlinks from high ranking PR4+ sites or .edu .gov sites. When we start a campaign for our clients, after an initially SEO audit, all we need is your URL and keywords and we will begin the backlinks building job ASAP!

PRICE: $197    BEST DEAL$77

What’s Included in One-Time SEO Boost?

  • 5 PR 4-7 LinkWheels
  • 8 PR 3-8 Social Bookmarks
  • 15 PR 5-8 Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks
  • 100 EDU Backlinks
  • 150 PR 5-7 Backlinks
  • 100 Social Bookmarks
  • 6000 Profile Backlinks
  • 350 PR 4+ Backlinks
  • 6000 Blog Comments


3. Monthly SEO Subscription

To ensure maximum search engines results we suggest the 3-6 month subscription plan. To beat out local competition on the web for your keywords/market, you will need quality content on your website as well as careful authority backlinks building. It is through this SEO strategy that you will grow your business brand and get found on Page #1 of Google for organic search engines results.

*You can cancel the subscription at any time. Please contact us if you have any SEO questions regarding your SEO plan.










Keyword Phrases
Pages Optimized
Video Testimonial/Month
Press Release/Month
Social Bookmarks
Directory Submissions
Meta tags (header, title, img)
Google Maps
Google Sitemap File
Google Analytics Tracking
Monthly Ranking Report
Phone & Email support
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What’s Included in the SEO Subscription Package?

1. Regular SEO pricing starts at $97-/mth and includes On Page SEO Changes, Article Writing and Press Release Services, Off Page Services including Authority Backlinks Building campaigns which lets Google know just how important your website is. To sum up we will provide you with a month report with proven results.

2. Corporate SEO Pricing starts at $197-/mth and is pretty much double all of the SEO services mentioned above in the Regular Pricing Package and also includes a much more comprehensive quality backlinks campaign.

3. Dominator SEO Pricing starts at $297-/mth and includes DOUBLE the Corporate Package above and includes a top quality authority backlinks campaign to dominate the competition.

What Will These Packages Do?

  • Your website will increase its SERP (search engine results page) rankings in Google.
  • You will receive Targeted traffic to your website which will increase leads and sales.
  • Your site may go viral with the right search engine marketing with new hits from lots of different organic searches
  • All SEO procedures are real, no bots, just real human hits on your website.
  • What you pay is what you get. Signup and quit at anytime.
  • Full 24/7 Support on any issue.
  • Outrank the competition while you sleep. The wheels are in motion, let us do the work.

Whichever Alberta SEO Services Plan you choose, we are here to help you get started right away.