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Alberta Local SEO Services

We are one of the most affordable, local SEO Consultants in Alberta, Canada. Looking for Cheap SEO Services you say? Well then we are one of the most affordable, low cost, SEO companies in Alberta Canada.

Alberta SEO services for is in the business of web optimization (Search Engine Optimization). We are located in Alberta, Canada and have many clients locally in Alberta as well as right across Canada. We will not only build you a great looking website and that is both responsive and can be viewed in all browsers and on all mobile devices, but your site will be search engine friendly as well. Your site will most likely, in a very short period of time, with our help, get found in all major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) for your market’s hot keywords, that every other company in your line of work is competing for.


Experienced SEO Consultants

SEO optimization in Alberta We have a team of SEO and SEM professionals, that are experienced in full web development services and understand how search engines work. When we apply our SEO services to your website, it will in effect, start ranking and positioning much higher than it did before we started.

They what happens?

Well, to start off with, website traffic will pick up. Then, this is where you come in. You will start getting more website traffic than ever before, this means more leads and sales. Can you handle it though? Most companies hire an expert team of SEO professionals and then they are not prepared for the traffic ans sales afterwards.We are not kidding! I could give you specific examples of dozens of clients from Western Canada right out to Atlantic Canada where the search engine results were terrible right out of the shoot. But after only a couple of SEO campaigns, they moved from page ten to page 2. Then with another push or two, they are competing with long standing companies with years of experience right on page #1 of Google, for the same keywords / same market.


Want this kind of trouble?

Well you keep us on as your SEO web optimization team, and we will keep the juice flowing to your website.Our team at Alberta SEO Services are experienced in both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) so this means we will be part of your team, promoting your company’s brand not only to the search engines, but to social media as well.


Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing and SEO work hand in hand these days, and if you want to fully promote your brand on the web, then we can help you do both all at once with one of our Web Management Plans. Talk to us about getting started with this idea, if you would like to know more about web management or reputation management.The most often visited sites on the web are social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest. Alberta social media marketing services is here to help you launch an online social media marketing campaign to build brand loyalty as well as a larger audience to advertise to. Contact us anytime to find out how to get started.


Cost Effective SEO Services

In the mean time, choose from a variety of low cost affordable SEO plans to get started and then feel free to drop us a line (support@albertaseoservices.com) or call at any time for a free SEO consultation for your next Canadian SEO project.

Quality SEO Backlinks Building

Top Quality Authority Backlinks Are Essential for Higher Page Rank

We are well aware of Google Algorithm changes in 2014 and we adhere to their procedures and policies! As a result we only create top quality content for our clients.

Calgary SEO Services will create original articles and press releases with proper anchor text and keywords that must past strict guidelines as laid out at such sites as Ezinearticles.com, Wikihow.com, and PR.com.

Quality content in your market may ensure that you will become an authority on the subject matter in your market. Visitors will read your articles and may even want to share with their friends on Facebook and other social media channels.

 Here are a few of the tools and services we use to promote your website in 2014:

“PR9 Backlinks, .EDU Profile & Comment Backlinks, .GOV Profile & Comment Backlinks, Angela Backlinks, WIKI Backlinks, Blog Comment Backlinks, High PR Web 2.0 and Social Directories Submission, Profile Pyramid Links, Social Bookmarking, as well as Google, Yahoo and Bing Indexing Services.”

Try Our SEO Subscription Services:

Alberta SEO Services believes only in top quality authority backlinks to build a successful brand and get it indexed in top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Try reaching out to an SEO consultant in your local area and get some great SEO tips on how to build your page rank.

Try signing up for an SEO Subscription for 1 month! You have nothing to lose. There are No yearly signup fees and you can quit at any time.

We have dozens of Canadian clients from Halifax to Calgary that have been with us for many years and have maintained their Google Page #1 position and in some cases are on Page #1 of Google and in Position #1!

Check out our SEO Pricing Packages and you will see they are much lower than those of Toronto SEO companies or Vancouver SEO companies. It doesn’t mean our SEO services are cheap, they are just affordable. We like to keep prices low as we want to keep business here in Canada, and stop it from being outsourced to foreign countries like India. That is not helping our employment situation here in Canada at all.

So when hiring an SEO company to boost your website in the search engines, think local – think Canada SEO!